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sensible tailored network solution that fits both your needs and budget. There are many networking solutions that we can offer, providing you with flexibility to match or your current business practices.

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Our experience in planning and installing such diverse networks enables us to provide you with a

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traditional networking topologies for both you and your staff. As your business expands, there is no need to reinvest in cabling upgrades users can simply attach their wireless devices to the company network. Field based workers can bring in their laptops and connect to the network within seconds from any available desk with the range of the wireless network. The latest handheld computers also support Wireless networking meaning users can have email, calendar and contact information from any part of your offices

Wireless networking provides many enhancements over

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         Wireless Networking 

features and benefits they would enjoy from being attached directly to your network. Features such as email, document editing and internet browsing can all be channeled safely and securely through the VPN. VPNs utilities internet technology meaning that they are relatively low cost to install and maintain compared with more traditional fixed line solutions.

By creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can provide remote offices and workers with all the   

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      Virtual Private Networks 

key aspect of the process to ensure that the changeover or new installation runs smoothly. Making sure that users are kept in the process and feel a sense of ownership is a key challenge for the successful project manager. All projects need the support of all stakeholders if they are to succeed. After our implementation goes live, we still provide on-site support, floor walking to eliminate post implementation problems as they happen, rather than wait for an engineer or support desk to call back as with some of our competitors.

With any new implementation it is important not to forget that project management is a

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        Project Management

We have installed and supported well over 1000 Windows Server installations ranging from stand-alone systems to to Server families supporting nearly 30 locations across private lines and the internet. Using over 20 years of experience in the computer industry, we will advise you on the best Server, make and specification to match your your business needs.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, SoftProg provide Server solutions based on  Server Technology

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(Cat 5 or Cat 6 standard)  Installation of communication devices such as hubs, routers and switches.

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